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Retaining Wall Cages

Retaining Wall Cages

Retaining wall cages is the earth-retaining wall structure which is piled up by gabion mesh case (the thickness is 0.5-1.0m). It is mainly used for protecting the foreshore and sub grade of the highway or railway, governing the mud-rock flow and mountain body landslide.

Retaining Wall Cages Features :

Wire dia:2.0-4.0 mm

Mesh size:60*80,80*100,100*120,120*150and so on.

Finishing: galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, pvc coated, galfan and so on.

Retaining wall cage is the hexagonal mesh case which is twisted by the machine. It can be filled with proper quarry stones or rubbles. Steel wire is made from standard mild steel. High grade materials produce high grade Gabion mesh. Double bunched structure can avoid the mesh to be fallen into pieces, aluminizing and galvanizing can protect the mesh wire from oxygenation.

Retaining wall cages can be filled with stones, especially the round stone or the fresh stone which was produced from the quarry. If you need the material with special gravity, Gabion mesh certainly can be your first choice. For persistency of the structure, these stones must be able to resist the climatic change, it is cannot burning and dissolution, and also must be quite hard.

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